Mr. Eric Legette created Fathers With Voices in the summer of 1996 after learning a childhood friend was experiencing difficulties within the family court system. When his friend did not receive the proper assistance from family court regarding maintaining a relationship with his child, he decided to walk away to avoid causing any trouble. Mr. Legette asked himself, “How many men were forced to make a similar decision?” Further, he wondered, “How many programs in New York City could assist someone like my friend?” To his surprise, many fathers were having difficulty navigating the family court system and there were no programs to assist fathers.


During the time Mr. Legette was laying the foundation for Fathers With Voices, his own daughter was two years old. In between working at times two jobs and attending college full-time at night, he made time to bond with his daughter. In September of 1996, Mr. Legette’s time with his daughter was threatened. Mr. Legette became involved in a seven-month visitation case in order to maintain a relationship with his daughter. The experience was a life-changing event because it led Mr. Legette to develop a passion to help fathers who really desired to be involved in their child’s life after a separation or divorce. At times, the experience left him feeling he was a man without a voice. However, he also learned if a man conducted himself in the proper manner, consistent in attending his court appointments and dressed appropriately, a judge would consider a father more favorably. It is these lessons that he has shared with men to be successful within family court. His original visitation case was successful and he later found it necessary to file for custody of his daughter. After three years of litigation, Mr. Legette was awarded full custody.


Mr. Legette found the most pressing need for men was information and resources. Mr. Legette created a library of resources including free or low cost consultation, contact numbers to local family courts, legal referral services, child support assistance programs and much more. Mr. Legette also researched the emotional importance of consistent father involvement so fathers would know they have more to contribute to their child’s life than child support payments. Since starting Fathers With Voices, men have been able to:

Establish legal paternity

Win court ordered visitation rights including holidays, vacation time, telephone contact and school involvement

Win custody cases

Settle child support disputes

Learn more about the family court process


Fathers With Voices have helped men manage the stress and “drama” of being involved in difficult family court cases.

The information and resources have:

Reduced the threat of men committing acts of domestic violence

Deterred men who wanted to abandon their responsibilities

Deterred men from committing suicide

Deterred men from abusing drugs/alcohol

Encouraged men to focus on their responsibilities and not parental conflicts (“the drama”)


Fathers With Voices primary focus have been to assist men involved in family court cases. However, the program has also assisted many mothers. After speaking to thousands of men and women involved in the “drama”, Mr. Legette learned individuals engaged in intimacy too quickly without the benefit of getting to know each other and neglecting to ask questions before undressing. These actions were a direct link to the reasons they became involved in the “drama."

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Guest Speaker 2008 Indiana Fatherhood Coalition

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Keynote Speaker at the 2008 Indiana Fatherhood Coalition

Presentations at Department of Corrections, Mass Transit Authority and the National Football League



Author of Closing the Curtain on Baby Mama Drama

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“Knowledge is not knowledge unless you share it with someone, and in sharing we move closer to the great process we call change." --Eric Legette
--Eric Legette


Eric Legette

President/Founder of Fathers With Voices, author, consultant and speaker. 
You can contact Eric Legette directly at FathersWithVoices@yahoo.com